A storybook forest, a red mountain with beautiful quarries, and cherry orchards

The Hike:

The hike begins in the Odem Forest. This is the biggest forest in the Golan, with many oak and styrax trees. The path goes next to Druze cherry orchards; the Druze farmers wait the entire year for their yield, so despite the temptation, please do not pick fruit.

We will climb with the path to the top of Mt. Odem. From the peak, we will see a beautiful view of the volcanoes of the northern Golan. The trail goes next to quarries of scoria (most refer to this rock as “touf”), and you can see the deep red color of this volcanic rock, which gave the mountain its name. We will finish our hike at the memorial to the fallen IDF soldiers of the 7th Brigade Recon Unit (Palsar 7), which is in memory of 24 members of this company who fell in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.


Tel Katza – Drive south on Road 98 from Masadeh; near the 85th kilometer sign, turn right (west) onto a dirt road. Park by the Golan Trail marker and begin hiking.

7th Brigade Recon Memorial – The memorial is located on the western side of Road 98, approximately 1 kilometer north of Kibbutz El-Rom.

Public Transportation:

Tel Katza – There is a bus that reaches the village of Masadeh; from there, you can walk about 500 meters to the trailhead.

7th Brigade Recon Memorial – There is a bus to El-Rom Junction; from there, you can walk about 1.5 kilometers to the memorial.

For details about public transportation, see: www.golan.org.il/bus.

Hiking Rules & Safety:

*In the Golan, it is strictly forbidden to cross fences or wander off the marked trail; in a number of places, the path goes near minefields.

*It is forbidden to enter IDF live-fire training areas.

*In the Golan, you will see many cattle fences; make sure you cross only at the official crossing points. Open the gate, and remember to close it behind you! It is forbidden to climb or cut fences.

*Be very careful when crossing or walking on roads.

*Overnight camping is allowed only at official campsites. Don’t camp out in the middle of a trail segment, or anywhere that is not an approved campsite.

*It is strictly forbidden to burn toilet paper. Don’t light a fire under trees, and never leave a campfire unattended.

*Make sure you take your trash with you, and leave sites cleaner than when you arrived.

Thank you, and enjoy your hike!





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