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The Golan

The Golan is a unique strip of land that is full of some of the most beautiful nature sites in Israel. It has a rich history, archaeological treasures, fascinating personal stories, and infinite vistas.

Come discover what happens when nature, history, and quality goods all come together; enjoy the diverse tastes, smells, and views that are all…Golan.

The Golan offers you an unforgettable vacation experience in unlimited sites, throughout the year. See and experience blooming wildflowers, flowing riverbeds, meaningful heritage sites, challenging sporting and fitness events, breathtaking attractions, and great nature hiking.

Enjoy the culinary treats and quality agricultural produce in restaurants, wineries, olive oil presses, honey farms, and dairies. And at the end of your day, the Golan also offers many diverse options for lodgings.



In the summer, the riverbeds are still flowing and cooling the basalt rock, and the springs are clear with pristine water. Cherries, apples, and many other fruits are decorating the orchards and doing their share to make visitors happy.


In the spring, the Golan is green, and dotted with rare, colorful wildflowers. The riverbeds are flowing, the waterfalls are pouring, and it all flows down to Lake Kinneret.


In the Golan’s cold winter, it’s always fun to see the flowing riverbeds and the powerful waterfalls. Ski on Mt. Hermon, or heat up in the hot springs of Hamat Gader.


The fall, when the weather begins to cool, is a great time for nature hiking in the Golan. See the blooming of pre-rain wildflowers, and see the leaves change color to orange and brown.


In summer, the streams flow in force and cool the basalt, the springs are clear. Cherries and a variety of fruits adorn the orchards and make the visit pleasant for travelers.


In the spring, the Golan turns green and is adorned with a colorful, unique and intoxicating bloom. The streams are abundant, the waterfalls flood and everything flows into the Sea of Galilee.


In the fall, when the weather cools down, this is a great time for a nature walk in the Golan. Predict the unique autumn bloom and feel in Europe with the orange-brown shedding.


In the cold winter of the Golan, it is most fun to watch the water flows and the cascading waterfalls. Ski on the snow-capped Mount Hermon and warm up in the Hamat Gader springs.

In addition to the changing of nature in the Golan, there are also various attractions and unique activities that the area offers you: wineries, olive oil presses, visitor centers, pick-your-own orchards, jeep tours, drive-your-own ATVs, horseback and donkey riding, biking, Segway tours, lantern tours, galleries, workshops, spas, and more.

The parks and nature reserves have many hidden secrets. You can visit the unique antiquities of Gamla, the water trail in the Majraseh, the Jordan River in Park Hayarden, or the breathtaking view from Mt. Bental. You can go for an easy family walk, or a  challenging hike. And of course, you have the Golan Trail, with its green-blue-white trail markers.

The Golan is home to rare volcanic phenomena, like the Great Juba, the Geomagnetic Reversal Point, several ash cones, and many dormant volcanoes.

Thousands of years of history and Jewish presence in the Golan have left their indelible mark here. Magnificent synagogues can be found in Gamla, Park Katzrin (the Talmudic Park), Dir Aziz, Kanaf, and Ein Keshatot, to name a few.

In 1967, the Golan returned to Jewish hands, but at a heavy price. The Jewish presence in the Golan was threatened again in 1973, but only temporarily. Over 166 memorials can be found throughout the Golan, and they tell the stories of bravery and courage. Some of the more well-known battle sites are Tel Saki, Mitzpe Gadot, Tel Faher, and the Valley of Tears, to name a few.

The topography of the Golan allows for extensive sport-related activities. There are many sporting events and competitions, such as the Volcano Race, and the Mt. Hermon Ascent Challenge.

We invite you to check out our website and organize the vacation that fits you best. We recommend coming to the Golan for at least two or three days in order to enjoy all the diverse goodness that this fascinating area has to offer.

We would be happy to help you choose the vacation that is best for you.

Adjacent to Moshav Natur in the central Southern Golan, is our Tourist Information Center that is located in the National Heritage Site of Ein Keshatot

The information center can give you all the tourist information that you need – either before or during your trip.

You can receive personal help at the center during the opening hours of Ein Keshatot (to see opening hours, click here).Not only will you get sound advice and updates from the center, but you’ll also get a free map of the Golan while you’re there.

If you prefer, you can reach us by telephone, by email, on our social media pages, or by sending a message via the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page.

You’re invited to call us at:

The Staff of the Tourism Department in the Golan Economic Association

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One Thank You is Worth a Thousand Pictures

The pictures on this website were taken by local photographers who are Golan residents, including Ilan Hadar, Ohad Omasi, Haim Karasano, Yehuda Weinberg, Yisrael Eshed, Adi Peretz, Ronen Gilboa, Roni Alush, Roni Oz Reisner, and Rina Nagila. We thank them all for their fantastic photographs that reflect the magic of the Golan.

On the pages of Where to Eat, What to Do, and Sport-related Tourism, we used photos taken by the following photographers: Asaf Krella, Dror Vershavsky, Or Kahlon, Chen Tamari, Amir Buhnick, and Tomer Feder (with permission of the business owners photographed).

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