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Active Adventure in the Golan

The Golan is the perfect place for active adventure tourism. It’s a known secret that the Golan is Israel’s Garden of Eden for dynamic and challenging activities. In this small corner of the country, there is so much. 

From the high and snowy mountain peaks of Mt. Hermon that offer active winter adventures, to the blue waters of Lake Kinneret that offer various water sports, to the dizzying serpentine switchbacks of Road 98 that are so beloved by road cyclists.

The Golan offers bike trails and hiking trails, especially the Golan Trail, the Southern Golan Promenade, and various trails for 4-wheel drive vehicles. If you like running, cycling, surfing, skiing, jeep driving, horseback riding, or rafting, then the Golan is your place!

Horseback Riding

Let’s take horseback riding, for example. You have one ranch in the southern Golan in Moshav Ramot. You can choose to ride up in the Golan, or down on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The Ramot Ranch has a stable, an outdoor arena, a ranch house, and a guest lodge. Trail rides are suitable for both children and adults (kids over the age of 10).

Another horseback riding center is in the northern Golan in Kibbutz Merom Golan, known as the Habokrim Ranch. It’s located in the middle of an oak forest at the foot of Mt. Bental, a dormant volcano. Rides and tours are offered for both kids and adults; the littlest ones can ride inside the ranch, and the older kids and adults can venture outside of the kibbutz. This includes riding – with guides – around the volcano, or through the kibbutz orchards; no previous experience is needed.

Water Experience

You can float down the Jordan River on rafts and inner tubes in the Golan with Abu-KayakOne such route will take you on a trip of 3.5 kilometers, and is suitable for the entire family. 


If you’d like to drive your own ATV, Kibbutz Merom Golan offers that, too. Led by experienced guides, these rides take you around the kibbutz, through orchards and vineyards, up to the Syrian border, and other sites of interest in the area.

Jeep Tours

The Golan is also famous for its jeep tours. From north to south, there are many such tours offered by experienced drivers.
Not only will they take you through challenging terrain with magnificent views, but they also will explain the fascinating history of the Golan, and show you flora and fauna that helps make this area a wonderful “classroom” for learning about nature.


For those who love cycling, the Southern Golan Promenade is a wonderful option and offers great views not only of the Golan, but also of Lake Kinneret and the hills of the Galilee towards the west.

In winter and spring, beautiful wildflowers bloom along this trail. You can also fit in a hike into the local riverbeds while you’re riding on the promenade.
Mountain bikes come in all sizes and are available for kids, too, from age 10 and up.

So…what are you waiting for? Come enjoy an active adventure in the Golan!

Active Adventure in the Golan

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