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                    Description: The Southern Golan Promenade is a paved walkway that goes along the cliffs of the southern Golan. It is approximately 30 kilometers long, and connects the following villages: Natur, Hispin, Nov, Avnei Eitan, Eliad, Geshur, Bnei Yehuda, Neot Golan, Afik, Kfar Haruv, and Mevo Hama.

                    The promenade is located above the cliffs that descend to Lake Kinneret, the El Al Riverbed, the Ein Fik Spring, the Golan Amphi, the Susita Lookout, and other interesting sites. These include Ein Keshatot, the Bnei Yisrael Reservoir and the winter pond near it, the Syrian Officers’ Club in Kibbutz Afik – where the spy Eli Cohen worked (the site also offers a great lookout towards Lake Kinneret), the Peace Vista, the HaOn Cliffs, and the Mevo Hama Lookout.

                    When walking along the promenade, feel free to go into the villages and enjoy the wineries (Chateau Golan in Eliad, Domaine Seror in Avnei Eitan, Kanatir in Natur), olive presses (Hillman in Nov and Toister in Givat Yoav), the Natur Dairy, Fass Brewhouse in Geshur, and other attractions and galleries and activities.


                    About the Promenade: The Southern Golan Promenade is suitable for all kinds of sports-related activities: running, walking, bike-riding, etc. But it’s also perfect for children’s strollers, scooters, and for wheelchairs. In the winter, it’s still a good option for an outing; since it’s paved, there’s no worries about mud…

                    When you visit the promenade, you can see the Golan’s agricultural richness, including orchards, field crops, and fields for grazing. You’ll also notice the nice gardening that has been done in many areas of the promenade.

                    The residents of the villages near the promenade often use it to go from one village to the next. At the present time, work is being done making a map of the promenade, and placing informative and explanatory signs about the villages and various tourist sites throughout the promenade.

                    You are welcome to ride or run on the promenade, with the colorful background of the Golan to accompany you. The promenade is suitable also for a family outing for all ages – each one with their bike, trike, stroller, or wheelchair.

                    The trailhead is next to Moshav Natur. To find its location, just click on the word “navigate” at the top of the page. To see the end of the path at the Mevo Hama Lookout, click here.

                    To get on the promenade in Avnei Eitan (near the El Al Riverbed), enter the village and drive around the perimeter road until you arrive at the big parking lot (known as the Waterfall Parking Lot) surrounded by eucalyptus trees. From there it’s a short walk to the promenade.

                    Click here for the GPS coordinates of the promenade, and click here to download a PDF document with a map of the promenade.

                    Click here for an excellent video about the promenade that gives you a real feeling of the experience, thanks to an Israeli hiking group who came here and made the film.



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