It’s called “terroir” in wine jargon.

There’s an entire region is Israel that has all the components for raising excellent wine grapes that will become high-quality wine: the Golan Heights.


Since most vineyards have a winery adjacent to them, you’ll be happy to know that all the winery owners in the Golan do indeed grow their own grapes (and in some cases – the overall majority of their grapes). The Golan offers the best conditions that nature can supply – high altitude, cold weather throughout the year, and quality basaltic earth.


In 1976, the first vineyards in the Golan were planted – in Geshur and Yonatan. This was the beginning of “The Golan Heights Winery”, as well as the start of the “wine culture revolution” in Israel. Since then, Golan wine production has been a huge success story. And today this region hosts many wineries that produce various types of wine in various quantities; large stretches of vineyards now cover local agricultural fields as far as the eye can see.


Wine tours are a developing tourism niche, as the number of wine-lovers grows world-wide. The Golan, an enchanting region with many quality wineries that continually win prestigious awards across the globe, offers world-class wine-touring options.

The wineries of the Golan offer visitors an opportunity to see the actual wine-making process, as well as experience guided tastings, vineyard jeep tours, meetings with wine-makers, and sunset tours in the vineyards. One can also enjoy Golan-grown cheeses and snacks, as well as host special events in the wineries.


Along with the acceleration of world agritourism, the Golan Wine Trail has become an attractive option for tourists. One can enjoy local transportation services, as well as professional wine guides, as you visit the quality wineries of the Golan.


So what are you waiting for? Come taste the excellent wines of the Golan Heights!

Golans' Wineries

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