Scoria Winery



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10 am - 4 pm

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                    Scoria Winery is located in Moshav Kanaf, above Maaleh Gamla, on the slopes of the Golan Heights..

                    Scoria is an “estate winery,” which means that the winery has its own vineyards and thus has complete control over every stage of the growing and harvesting of the grapes and production of the wine.

                    The story of wine begins with the grapes, which determine 85% of the wine’s quality. At Scoria Winery, we pay meticulous attention to every stage of the grapes’ growth to ensure quality.

                    We chose the grape varieties after conducting research to discover which varieties are precisely suited to the climate and growing conditions of the Golan Heights. Our methods of vine-growing make it possible to achieve production of the finest quality wines.

                    Visits to the winery must be arranged in advance.


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