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Sunday 08:30-17:00 | Monday-Thursday 8:30-17:00 | Friday 8:30-14:00

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                    The Visitor Center at the Golan Heights Winery has a variety of tours suitable for couples, families and groups. We are located in the city of Katzrin.
                    The classic tour lasts about an hour, and includes explanations about our many diverse vineyards, a visit to the barrel room, and tastings of about 3 different types of wines.
                    In addition, there are other tour offerings, such as: The Love and Wine Tour, The Professional Wine Tour, The Professional Sparkling Tour, and our Four Seasons Vineyard Tour.
                    There are also culinary tours: meals prepared by professional chefs that are served in our wine cellar, as well as receptions that combine tours, tastings, and food – according to menus of different prices.
                    In addition, we offer Agricultural Tours, as well as a special meals in the Winegrowers’ Cabin. Both of these tours can include a jeep tour in our vineyards, at your request.


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