Eretz Gshur Olive Oil



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Sun–Thurs: 8 am to 4 pm; Fridays: 10 am to 1 pm; closed on Saturdays

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                    On your next trip to northern Israel, plan to visit Eretz Gshur in Kibbutz Geshur, a fifteen-minute scenic ride from the Sea of Galilee, and experience the fascinating world of olive oil.

                    During your visit, you can observe the process of olive oil production (during the harvest season); watch a film that tells the story of Eretz Gshur; learn about how olive oil is used; and, of course, taste the oils made from different varieties of olives, each one with its own singular aroma.

                    At Eretz Gshur, we pioneered an innovative, revolutionary concept of single-variety olive oil production that encompasses the entire production process, from seedlings to bottles.

                    Control of the production process starts with planning the location of the vineyards, continues with planting and nurturing the seedlings, then harvesting the fruit, extracting the oil, and storing it in special stainless steel containers. This advanced production process enables us to maintain the quality of the oil and preserve the particular taste and aroma of each variety. Our methods produce healthy, top-quality olive oils that have won international acclaim.

                    By the end of the tour, you will probably have chosen your favorite variety, which you may purchase at our shop. The oils, available in attractively designed bottles or tin cans, make ideal gifts. All products are kosher.

                    The activities are seasonal and suitable for adults and children, nature lovers and anyone interested in agriculture. Eretz Gshur is closed on Shabbat.




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