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                    Pelter Winery was established in 2001 by Tal and Nir Pelter. Tal studied winemaking and viniculture in Australia and was captivated by the Australian approach to the world of wine. He decided to bring that approach to Israel—to produce good wine at affordable prices as well as a premium line of wines. In the first few years, the wines were produced in the family farm in Moshav Tzofit. In 2005, when the family moved to Moshav Ein Zivan in the Golan Heights, the winery was relocated.

                    In 2012 Tal and Nir Pelter opened a kosher branch of the winery. They called it Matar (rain) because, since ancient times, the right amount of rain in its season has been so essential to Israeli agriculture in general (and grapes in particular) that there is a special request in the daily prayers to “send dew and rain as a blessing on the land.”

                    This project was a natural outgrowth of Pelter Winery, whose owners wished to develop their business and expand the circle of their customers to meet the growing demand for quality kosher wines. Both the Matar and Pelter wineries, located near one another on the hills of the Golan Heights, produce wines based on the same knowledge, professionalism, connection to the land, and family tradition.

                    Pelter also operates a boutique distillery. Established in 2013, it was one of the first in the country. The distillery produces whiskey, brandy and other liquors that add a contemporary, original interpretation to the old traditions of alcohol distillation. The products, made from the finest local ingredients, belong to a new world of alcohol, while preserving and respecting the tried and true traditions.


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