A Taste of Druze Cuisine



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During the hours 9:00-14:30 . Not on Sabbath

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                    In the cool air of the Golan Heights, amidst women with white kerchiefs and men working the land, we will hear from our hosts in the village stories about revolutionary women in a religious society alongside hair-raising tales about reincarnation.

                    The villagers are waiting for us with cherries or apples from their orchards, per season.

                    In the bakery, Fatayer with traditional fillings will be made for us while vine leaf rolls and Malfuf are already steaming in the pot. Mate tea, Magli and honey-dripping Ktayef will sweeten our day and at the practical workshop we will learn to make praiseworthy Knafeh.

                    For small groups as a team retreat | The tour is vegetarian | Private car tour |




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