Banias Nature Reserve – The Banias Springs



Opening Hours:

Opening Hours: Winter - 8:00-16:00, Fridays and holiday eve - 8:00-15:00. Summer (DST) - 8:00-17:00, Fridays and holiday eve - 8:00-16:00

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                    Description: In the Banias Nature Reserve, you can visit the Banias Springs, see rushing waters, visit impressive historical artifacts, see a flour mill, hear about knights and kings, and enjoy natural wonders. Here you’ll see ancient temples, magnificent palaces, and one beautiful river.

                    A visit here is suitable for the entire family, as well as anyone else who enjoys nature and archaeology. It’s also possible to begin a hike from here to the famous Banias Waterfall, via the Suspended Trail in a nearby nature reserve; or you can visit both nature reserves separately – with just one entrance fee.




                    Visiting & safety rules:

                    *Do not cross any fences or stray from the trail – especially in the Golan – due to various minefields nearby.

                    *Do not enter IDF firing zones, shooting ranges, or training areas!

                    *In the Golan, there are many cattle fences. If you go through a special pedestrian gate, please close the gate behind you! Do not climb on fences or cut them in any way.

                    *Be especially careful when crossing any streets or roads.

                    *Sleeping outside is allowed only in official campsites! It is forbidden to camp out anywhere else.

                    *Do not burn toilet paper, do not light a fire under trees, and do not leave a campfire unattended!

                    *Make sure you remove and pack out all of your trash, and leave nature undisturbed!

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