Bell Ofri Tourist farm

Kidmat Tzvi

center area

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                    Bell Ofri Tourist Farm, located at Moshava Kidmat Tsvi, is a warm welcoming spot for all travelers in all seasons. An old Syrian bunker was found on site which now serves as an ideal cellar for our own wines from the Ein Nashut Winery, named for the ancient Talmudic village that was located here. The winery produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Shiraz and Merlo from our family’s own vineyards.

                    We specialize in the restoration of ancient agricultural technologies such as threshing with traditional tools, an olive press for producing oil with ancient technology, an ancient wine press and a wood-fired clay oven for baking and cooking.

                    The farm has its own zoo, taking in injured animals for rehabilitation. Our herd of goats provides fresh milk used for making “NOAM CHEESE” that is a basis of the restaurant’s menu and for sale to individuals – Camembert, brie, Edam in several varieties, feta, Bulgarian, Circassian, labaneh and spiced cheeses. The restaurant, itself, is an amazing architectural creation of all recycled materials. We present menus of our finest products: Bobby’s wine, Noam’s cheeses and Tammy’s special delicacies – jams (mango, apple, tomato, rose petal, plum, grape, oranges and more), quiches, pizzas, smoked fish, locally prepared olives, sauces and spreads – pesto, olive tapenade, garlic confit, preserved lemon spread, dried tomatoes and more. Our home baked bread, spiced with our garden’s basil leaves, brings all these wonderful tastes together.




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