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                    Duga Beach Holiday Resort on the Kinneret

                    Duga is the prettiest beach on the Sea of Galilee, with 1.7 acres of tree-dotted lawns that stretch almost to the water’s edge. The site offers bathrooms and, for guests staying at the campsite, showers with hot and cold water. Duga Beach has been renovated and is a designated “quiet area”.

                    Air-conditioned tents for families

                    You are cordially invited to stay in one of the new Duga Beach tents, suitable for 2 adults and 2-3 children.

                    Every tent has: 2 beds, 2 sofas that open into single beds, air-conditioning, electrical outlet, electric lights, dressers, wooden stools, and a woven rug. Outside each tent are a picnic table and bench, and a refrigerator for every two tents [or for every tent?].

                    Modern caravans for families

                    Our spacious, air-conditioned caravans are designed to pamper you on your holiday. The new Duga Beach Resort is the best on the Kinneret.

                    Caravans for 4-5 guests offer:

                    • A separate room for parents.
                    • Caravan type 1: Five beds – a double bed and 3 bunk beds, plus a sofa that opens into an additional bed.
                    • Caravan type 2: A double bed in the bedroom, and a sofa that opens into another double bed.
                    • Bathroom with hot/cold shower, sink and toilet
                    • Two air conditioners, one in the common area and one in the bedroom.
                    • Two TVs, with cable – one in the common area and one in the bedroom.
                    • Kitchen equipped with: A large refrigerator, an electric kettle, a microwave oven, 2-burner hotplate, and basic dishes – plates, cups, flatware, pots.
                    • Storage room: Built-in cupboards and shelves in all the rooms
                    • Charging outlets in the common area and the bedroom.

                    Trailer Park

                    Duga Beach has the newest trailer park on the Sea of Galilee. You can come in your own trailer and hook up to electricity, water and plumbing. The park can accommodate 23 trailers.

                    Note: Because of the delicate ecological situation of the lake, every trailer must be connected to the greywater system. The site is strictly supervised.




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