Ein Almein Spring


center area

Opening Hours:

Daylight hours, 7 days a week

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        רמת קושי

          משך הטיול


                    Background: The Syrian army left its mark on the Golan until the 1967 Six-Day War, in many ways. One of them is the phenomenon known as “Officers’ Pools”. For the years it ruled the Golan, the Syrian army cared for its officers and built impressive pools near army bases, where officers could rest during their service.

                    The source of this pool’s water is the freshwater spring known as Ein Almein, which flows constantly to the pool. Also near the spring is great shade from eucalyptus trees, a wading pool for kids, and a convenient picnic site.

                    Arrival: From the Upper Customs House Junction (where Road 91 meets Road 888), descend south on Road 888 for 2.4 kilometers, turn right, and drive west. Park in the parking lot next to the brown Golan Tourism sign, and continue by foot for about 500 meters to the west. After a sharp curve to the right, continue to the trees. From there, walk another 50 meters to the pool.

                    Warning: The road to the pool is not safe, and is suitable mainly for vehicles with 4×4 drive.



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