Ein Amphi Spring


center area

Opening Hours:

Daylight hours, 7 days a week

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        רמת קושי

          משך הטיול


                    Description: The Ein Amphi Spring is a round pool with a diameter of about 10 meters; its depth often changes, but it’s usually about one meter deep. Some call this “the eucalyptus spring” (in Hebrew: “Ein Eucalyptus”), because of the trees that surround the pool. The pool has steps that make it seem like an amphitheater, hence its name.

                    Arrival: From the Upper Customs House Junction (where Road 91 meets Road 888), drive south on Road 888 for 1.3 kilometers, and then turn left. Drive for another 1.2 kilometers until you see a small parking lot. Park, and walk on the path that goes by trees and bushes, until you get to a grove of eucalyptus trees that surrounds the pool.

                    Warning: Do not cross any fences in the area for any reason!


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