Ein Fik Spring



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                    Description: The Ein Fik spring is hidden in an enchanting corner of nature near Kibbutz Afik, surrounded by fig trees, cold water all year, an impressive history, and a porch with an incredible view.

                    Approximately 1,500 years ago, a village was built here on the ruins of a more ancient village from the Byzantine Period. The village had mixed residents – some were Jewish and some were Christian – and they lived here together as neighbors.

                    An archaeological survey was conducted here, and some fascinating artifacts were found; this included a lintel stone and a column from an ancient synagogue dating back to Talmudic times. On the synagogue lintel were engravings of a Menorah (a ritual candelabra) and a Shofar (a ram’s horn), and on the column was an inscription stating: “Ana Yehuda Hazaneh.” This Aramaic inscription means: “I am Yehuda the Hazan.” Lintel stones with crosses on them were also found in the village (these are all located today in the Golan Antiquities Museum in Katzrin).

                    Researchers believe that the Biblical village of Afek is located further west at Tel Soreg, which can be seen from Ein Fik. This was also the site of the battle between King Ahab and the Aramean army, which took place in the middle of the 9th century BCE. The battle ended with Ahab as victor.

                    You can walk around the ruins of the ancient and more modern village until you reach the lookout porch with an incredible view of Lake Kinneret and the ancient city of Susita (Hippos).

                    Go down the staircase, cross the riverbed on a wooden bridge, and go up to the spring which flows from between the fig trees. After a rest and a visit to the small cave, we’ll climb back up the stairs to the parking lot.

                    Arrival: From Afik Junction (where Road 789 meets Road 98), drive south for about 1.2 kilometers, and you will see a sign pointing right to the parking lot of the Ein Fik spring. Park here and walk to the village on the western side of the parking lot.


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