Kol Shofar Visitors’ Center

Givat Yoav


Opening Hours:

Sun-Thurs 8 am - 4 pm

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                    Instruments called shofars are produced from animal horns using ancient traditional methods together with modern techniques. At Kol Shofar, we are proud to be the only place in the world that allows visitors to visit our factory and get a rare look at the secrets of producing a shofar.

                    A unique, unforgettable experience awaits visitors, children and adults alike. The tour begins in a pleasant, shady forest where the visitors are treated to an informative, humorous lecture that explains the types of animal horns, the different shofars used by the different Jewish ethnic groups, the varied sounds made by blowing the shofar, the laws concerning shofars, the production process, and the moving personal story of Shimon Keinan – shofar-maker and owner of Kol Shofar. Following the lecture, the visitors are invited into the workshop, when Shimon demonstrates the stages of producing a shofar – from the raw horn to the instrument that produces the traditional sounds.

                    The tour takes about an hour. There is also a gallery, where a rich variety of shofars are on display. Shofars can purchased at factory prices. The tour is geared to all age groups; entrance is free for children below the age of 6. The Visitors’ Center is disabled-accessible, with adjacent parking, bathrooms and cold drinking water. Visits should be booked in advance.


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