Monument to the Ram Brigade


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                    This monument commemorates the fallen soldiers of the 179th Armored “Ram” Brigade, who fought against the Syrians in a battle that took place here in October 1973, during the Yom Kippur War.

                    The monument consists of a tall basalt boulder set in concrete atop a pile of basalt stones. Near the boulder are an oak tree and a tall pole topped by the silhouette of a ram, the brigade insignia. The insignia is also fixed to one face of the boulder. On another face, poignant lines from a poem by company commander Yosef Sarig, who fell in the battle: My death came upon me suddenly, and I don’t recall whether it was amid the thunder of fire, or between the clamoring tin walls, or perhaps the final silent whiteness.

                    At the site is an audio device that tells the story of the brigade.


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