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                    The Orvim Park is located at Wasset Junction, and offers visitors a lovely park with picnic facilities, a playground, remnants of a small palace, and original basalt sculptures.
                    Almost 200 years ago, the Bedouin tribe of el-Fadal chose to settle at this intersection. During the early 20th century, a small palace of the tribal head – Emir Faur – was built in the village. According to travelers’ descriptions from 1919, the palace had three sections: the external area for the gathering of the common people and riding animals; the central area for welcoming respected guests; and the living quarters of the Emir himself (with an inner room for women).
                    In 2006, the Golan Regional Council, together with the Jewish National Fund, established a public park with picnic facilities and a playground at the site, but without harming the old palace building. The “Asaf Garden” was planted in memory of Asaf Raz, a member of nearby Moshav Shaal, who died in a car accident.
                    Walkways lead to the remnants of the Emir’s palace, along a small seasonal pond, wooden bridges, and basalt sculptures created by the artists of the Golan and Galilee.
                    Located west of the park is the Einot Orvim Nature Reserve. Its main goal is to preserve the rare habitat of swamps and wet meadows. In the past, larger parts of the Golan Heights were wetlands, but the building of dams and reservoirs damaged them, and it was necessary to artificially preserve the ecological system that is unique to such wet areas. In the morning hours of the spring and autumn, you can sometimes see the spectacular migration of thousands of White storks, who often stop to spend the night in the nature reserve.
                    Immediately northwest of the Orvim Park is the Orvim Reservoir. You can climb the banks to enjoy the view, but swimming is strictly forbidden.
                    Conveniently, across the road to the south is the Wasset Tourism Complex, with its cafes, restaurants, shops, restrooms, and grassy areas.



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