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Sun–Thurs 10 am–4 pm; Open on Saturday- weekends & holidays until sunset (18:00)

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                    The story of Tel Shifon (formerly Ortal Winery) is a story of realizing a dream. The winery was built in 2009 by Ilan Zafrani, a member of Kibbutz Ortal, who saw the potential of the Golan Heights soil surrounding the kibbutz and believed in the possibility of producing quality wines.

                    Ilan, in his special way, drove the project, together with other members of Kibbutz Ortal, and left his unique imprint on the winery. His signature wines, with the unmistakable terroir of the Golan Heights, are still sold. The story continued with Naama Sorkin, who decided to take Ortal Winery in a different direction, without compromising quality.

                    Tel Shifon is a collaboration of four entrepreneurs—four good friends for whom the Golan region is in their blood, an integral part of their own story and their friendship. It was important to them to continue the winery, despite difficulties experienced by the kibbutz at the time. They wanted to fulfill Ilan’s dream.

                    The winery in Kibbutz Ortal is exceptionally positioned in the midst of the vineyards, between the Cabernet Franc and the Sauvignon Blanc. Facing the winery is a breathtaking view of a range of volcanic mountains.

                    The location of the vineyards is ideal for growing grapes, with an altitude of 915 meters above sea level, the right climate conditions, and the basalt soil. Add to this a dedicated team of vintners who personally tend the grapes (under the careful eyes of chief winemaker Yossi Sidon), and the result is the delicious taste that we are aiming for.

                    The grape varieties grown in our vineyards are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah (Shiraz), and Merlot. Tel Shifon Winery produces 50,000 bottles of wine annually, including varietals and blends.

                    The wines are kosher, under the supervision of the Golan Heights rabbinate.


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