The Ein Toot Spring – Aniam Pool


center area

Opening Hours:

Daylight hours, 7 days a week

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                    Description: The Ein Toot Spring (Hebrew for “The Mulberry Tree Spring” – also known as the Aniam Pool) is located in the shade of a grove of eucalyptus trees. The pool is not natural, and is adjacent to a dam; it’s located in one of the tributaries of the Yehudiya Riverbed, which runs parallel to the nearby Ayit Riverbed. The flowing water is trapped in a large cement pool, whose depths reaches 1.5 meters.

                    Arrival: There’s a small parking area about 200 meters north of the Aniam Junction (where Road 808 meets the entrance road to Aniam), on the western side of the road. After parking, walk southwest, go through the gate, and continue to the grove of eucalyptus trees. There you will find the pool.

                    *Note: The area is privately owned, and since the owners sometimes open the dam, the pool is not always full.



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