The Majraseh Nature Reserve



Opening Hours:

Winter hours - 8:00-16:00, Fridays and holiday eve - 8:00-15:00 . Summer hours (DST) - 8:00-17:00, Fridays and holiday eve - 8:00-16:00

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                    The Majraseh Nature Reserve is a wonderful place to hike all year round. This site has many names: Majraseh, the Betaycha, and the Bet Tzaida Valley. It is a unique water site that drains the delta formed by many tributaries flowing from the Golan down to Lake Kinneret. The impressive valley at the foot of steep slopes that go down to the delta, as well as the large quantities of water flowing here, make this nature reserve a treasure trove of ecosystems, plants and animals. A visit to the reserve in the hot summer months is a perfect way to cool off; but you might be surprised that the spot is beautiful also in the winter, when the water flow is greater in intensity. There is also a wheelchair-accessible path to allow all to enjoy the unique local beauty of the Majraseh.



                    Safety Rules:

                    *Do not cross any fences and do not stray from the marked trail – especially in the Golan – due to various minefields in the area.

                    *Do not enter IDF firing zones, shooting ranges, and training areas!

                    *When you go through cattle fence gates in the Golan, make sure you close the gate behind you. Do not climb on fences or cut them in any way.

                    *Be extremely careful when crossing roads.

                    *Overnights are allowed only in official campsites! You are not allowed to camp out anywhere else.

                    *Do not burn toilet paper, do not light bonfires under trees, and do not leave any fires unattended.

                    *Pack out and take all of your trash with you, and leave nature trash-free!

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