The Meshushim Riverbed Nature Reserve


center area

Opening Hours:

Winter – 8:00-16:00, Fridays & eve of holidays – 8:00-15:00 Summer (DST) – 8:00-17:00, Fridays & eve of holidays – 8:00-16:00.

רמת קושי:

    משך הטיול:


        רמת קושי

          משך הטיול


                    Description: In the Meshushim Nature Reserve, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of deep basalt canyons, rushing waters and crashing waterfalls, interesting geological formations, and blooming meadows.

                    The shining crown on all of the above is the amazing pool that is surrounded by impressive basalt hexagons, known to all as The Hexagon Pool (“meshushim” is the Hebrew word for hexagons). The many hiking options in the nature reserve allow visitors to enjoy hikes that fit their abilities and expectations. There is also a wheelchair-accessible path (suitable also in the winter, but without mud), a circular route to the pool and back, and longer paths for serious hikers (including one that ends in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve).




                    Hiking & Safety Rules:

                    *Do not cross any fences or stray from the trail – especially in the Golan – due to various minefields nearby.

                    *Do not enter IDF firing zones, shooting ranges, or training areas!

                    *In the Golan, there are many cattle fences. If you go through a special pedestrian gate, please close the gate behind you! Do not climb on fences or cut them in any way.

                    *Be especially careful when crossing any streets or roads.

                    *Sleeping outside is allowed only in official campsites! It is forbidden to camp out anywhere else.

                    *Do not burn toilet paper, do not light a fire under trees, and do not leave a campfire unattended!

                    *Make sure you remove and pack out all of your trash, and leave nature undisturbed!

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