Toister Farm – The Olive Oil Legacy

Givat Yoav


Opening Hours:

Sunday-Friday, between 10:00 – 18:00.

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                    The Toister Farm is situated in the south of the Golan Heights. It’s a long line family-project of the production of fine olive-oil. The visitors’ center is a place of passing on the family olive-oil tradition, which has begun in 1890 in Ein-Zeitim, near Zafat.

                    The visit brings to you a warm Toscanic atmosphere together with a tour of the oil production factory, an explanation of the growth process,  the production process itself and the preservation of the oil according to the best  tradition. A short documentary film of the family and the production process can be watched, in Hebrew or English.

                    Toward the end of the tour a taste of the various kinds of olive-oil is possible.

                    One can purchase olive-oil and other quality products made from olive-oil and honey.

                    The visit lasts one hour.



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