Gavriel Winery

Alonei Habashan

center area

Opening Hours:

by advance arrangement; not on Shabbat (Saturdays)

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                    Central Golan Heights

                    Opening hours: by advance arrangement; not on Shabbat (Saturdays)


                    Price range: NIS 50–100


                    Gavriel Winery produces red, white and rosé wines from its own grapes grown organically in the Golan Heights. Chief Winemaker Haim Hoter (M.SC) comes from a long line of winemakers from Yemen, with a family tradition that song, music and winemaking go together!

                    Tastings and tours are available by advance arrangement.

                    The wines are unpasteurized; kashrut mehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Yishai Samuel, Ramat Hagolan


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