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Opening Hours:

March to October: 24/7. November to February 8:00 – 16:00

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                    The Orange Trail: This is a walking trail that goes along the Ein Mishpa Spring. In the summer, you can see many fish and turtles (specifically the Caspian pond turtle). The path is wheelchair-accessible.

                    Duration of walk: 10 minutes in each direction.

                    Distance of walk: 250 meters.

                    The Red Trail: This is a pleasant circular route that goes between streams and ancient flour mills, under the shade of willow trees and among bushes and other plants. The walk begins and ends at the Flour Mills site, and leads toward the center of the Jordan River, which flows 24/7.

                    Duration of walk: About 30 minutes.

                    Distance of walk: About 1.1 kilometers.

                    The Purple Trail: This is a family-friendly circular route that begins in a shaded aqueduct at the Flour Mills site, and returns under a “cave” of reeds.

                    Duration of walk: 15 minutes.

                    Distance of walk: 400 meters.

                    The Yellow Trail: An easy walk along the tributaries of the Jordan River, in the shade of willow trees and the common reed. The path passes an ancient sycomore tree, hundreds of years old (this tree is different than the American sycamore tree, and is spelled differently). The path begins in the southwestern area of the park, and ends at the Flour Mills site. You can walk in or near the aqueduct.

                    Duration of walk: About 75 minutes.

                    Distance of walk: 2.2 kilometers.

                    The Blue Trail: This is a circular trail that begins at the Flour Mills site, ascends for a breathtaking view of the Jordan River tributaries, and goes through pastureland.

                    Duration of walk: About 75 minutes.

                    Distance of walk: About 1.8 kilometers.

                    Special Offers:

                    You can enrich your visit by joining an audio-visual walk in the park known as “A Natural Wonder” (in Hebrew: “Tofa’at Teva”) that is suitable for the entire family and begins at nightfall.

                    Also in the park area, you can enjoy rafting in the Jordan River at Abu-Kayak, night tours with lanterns with Yaron & Anat Bashan, and “dune buggy” rides on dirt roads.

                    Public transportation: Busses stop at the Jordan River Park. For details, see:

                    About the Jordan River Park: This lovely park is large – approximately 1,000 dunam in size (about 250 acres) – and it’s located at the northern edge of Lake Kinneret, next to one of the main tributaries of the Jordan River. Inside the park, visitors will enjoy the local natural beauty, and will have a number of overnight options: personal tents, Bedouin-style tents, staff rooms, and parking stations for RV’s.

                    Visitors are welcome to walk around by themselves on the marked trails along the tributaries of the Jordan River, under the shade of willow trees, water flora, and reeds.

                    The park features wheelchair-accessible areas, enchanting corners in nature, campsites near springs, picnic areas, playgrounds, paths suitable for family hikes, and bathrooms.



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