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Merom Golan


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                    The Merom Golan Resort Village offers cabins, suites and luxurious studio rooms for vacationers; they are suitable for couples, families, and business people.
                    Next to the hotel complex, you can find the cowboy-style Bokrim Restaurant, which serves quality meat dishes (and is Kosher).
                    In clear view of the resort village – and just a short drive away – is Mt. Bental with its spectacular views. On the mountain peak, you can visit the “Coffee Anan Café”, which serves a variety of delectable dairy dishes.
                    The Merom Golan Tourism Department has developed a variety of fascinating local attractions, including ATV excursions, horseback riding tours, wood and iron sculptures, and more. Also on hand are a number of certified tour guides, who will be happy to introduce vacationers to the area’s unique natural and historical sites.
                    The Merom Golan Resort Village (located, of course, in Kibbutz Merom Golan) is at the foot of Mt. Bental, which rises to a height of 1,171 square meters above sea level.


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