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                    The farm is at Kibbutz En Zivan. On 5 acres of volcanic soil, 970 meters above sea level, we grow a variety of aromatic plants and specialize in distilling and producing a wide range of products including aromatic oils and dried plants

                    The groves of Mount Tabor Oaks surrounding the farm provide numerous shaded areas for picnics.

                    Old farmhouse buildings have been converted for use as: a farm shop, a drying facility, and a distillery.

                    Our leading crop is lavender, some species use in the production of aromatic oils and others for dried products.

                    On the southern slopes we grow Damask Roses from which we distill aromatic oils well known in the perfume industry and the wonderful Hydrosol we know as Rose water.


                    Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities:

                    -A guided tour of the aromatic fields.

                    – Observe the drying and distilling process and the production of aromatic oils.

                    -Take one of our hampers with wine from the neighboring Pelter winery and enjoy a picnic in the shaded oak groves.

                    -Participate in a workshop.

                    An overall encounter with these beautiful, aromatic, and peaceful surroundings is how our visitors describe the experience of their time spent with us.

                    The guided tours of 40 minutes (price 35 NS per person, groups of more than 4 at 30 NS per person) are conducted by one of the farms founders who relate the history of the farm, its unique soil and climate and the growing and distilling process.

                    The flowering season of the Damask Roses and the Lacrisium? is in May

                    The flowering season of the Lavender is in June & July.


                    The farm shop – an enchanting converted old farm building- offers all the products produced on the farm and many related items we feel you would enjoy.

                    Guided tours. Picnic hampers and Workshops to be booked in advance.

                    For additional information visit our  Instagram or our Facebook page-



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