The Eden Springs (Salukia)


center area

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Daylight hours, 7 days a week

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                    Background: The Eden Springs is a park of water pools that collects water from various springs that flow in the area. In the past, these waters were used by the Mei Eden mineral water company, which gave the site its name. The other name – Salukia – comes from the name of the nearby archaeological site Tel Salukia, identified by some researchers as the Jewish village of Selvekia. This village dates back to the Second Temple Period, and existed at the same time as the more famous city of Gamla.

                    Description: Visitors to the park can walk the entire length of the wading pools, where there is plenty of shade, thanks to eucalyptus and palm trees; also nearby are basalt stone benches and wonderful spots for picnics.

                    The path is easy, there’s plenty of water, and the entire park is suitable for families.

                    Arrival: From Katzabia Junction (where Road 87 meets Road 9088), drive northeast on Road 87 for about 500 meters, and turn right at the sign into the parking lot. Walk through the park gate, and continue until you reach the large grassy area. From here you can walk along the pools, and back again.

                    Public transportation: There is bus service to Katzabia Junction, and from there you can walk about 500 meters to the park. For more information, see:



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