The Orchard Path – The HaOn Cliffs Nature Reserve



Opening Hours:

24 hours a day

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          משך הטיול


                    This is an easy and pleasant hike that includes incredible scenic views and a secret spring.

                    The path begins at the “Peace Vista” (in Hebrew: “Mitzpe L’Shalom”) that is adjacent to Kibbutz Kfar Haruv. There you will find a breathtaking view of Lake Kinneret and the hills of the Galilee. From here you can begin a short hike in the HaOn Cliffs Nature Reserve, which includes springs, fruit-filled orchards (in season), and unique wildflowers (in winter and spring).

                    The path begins at the southwest corner of the lookout porch, and descends a staircase to a trail that is marked in blue. The path is circular and continues for approximately one kilometer.



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