Tiger Force

Alonei Habashan

center area

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Every day. The site is on open terrain

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                    Tiger Force was the nickname of Company C, a regular armored company of 10 Centurion tanks, part of Battalion 82 of the 7th IDF Brigade. Company Commander was Captain Meir Zamir, who trained his soldiers well for battle. On the night between October 6th and 7th, 1973 – the first night of Yom Kippur War – one of the War’s most daring battles took place north of Alonei HaBashan, in the Golan Heights. The battle is known as “The Night Ambush of Tiger”. During this ambush, a courageous and clever armored battle was waged by few against many. Even today, this battle is studied in military academies around the world. The site commemorating The Night Ambush of Tiger is located north of Alonei HaBashan, on road 98 at the intersection due west with road 9099. AT the site you will see a Centurion tank-tipe ” Shot Kal” ,an Israeli IDF upgrated British Centurion Tank ,one of Tiger’s Tanks and a Masbiran (audio guide) station “Talking Tank”, which will tell the story of Tiger Force 73 fighters and commanders, as testimony for their courage, relentlessness and wit. Tiger Company was the only tank company in the IDF that by War’s end had not suffered any hits or casualties despite having led fierce battles against the enemy. This is a great source of pride for the crewmen and commanders.

                    At the site stands a Centurion – Sho’t Kal tank, which served the Tiger Force. There’s an aerial photo panel depicting the battle, and a guide, the “Talking Tank”, that tells the story of the fighters and commanders of the Tiger Company, bearing witness to their courage, determination, and dedication.

                    The site is wheelchair accessible and accommodates people with visual and hearing impairments.

                    Watch this video for more details- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RwSVKoRBiE



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